Child modelling

 I began modelling at the age of 8 after being spotted by a photographer who was adamant that I should give it a go. I got my first portfolio shot in 2008, and joined my first agency in Oxford. Predominantly I did commercial work but was also lucky enough to do some filming work(see TV and Film Acting).

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My first job was for citroen cars, shooting in various locations throughout the Cotswolds for a full day. My second shoot was with Britvic (who sell J20, pepsi, squash, ribena- etc) and from then on I was in a variety of shoots, once every few months including many different board games and for Savlon (the treatment cream). Quite often modelling (especially with children) is associated with the belief that the children think they have greater self worth than their peers. I, however, disagree- I never felt this way. Modelling was a way of making money and saving towards my future- of course it was fun and I did enjoy it but I rarely talked about it before I was 18 (because of the stigma attached to the industry). I used all of my modelling savings to fund gaining my driving licence and my first car, before many of my friends had even thought about getting a car. I did less modelling while I was in the GCSE through A Level years, but tried to take it back up once I reached 18 and moved closer to London from my Cotswold home.


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